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A hangout for fans of Endling's EverAfter. You aren't required to talk about the comics.
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Re: okay

Wed Sep 08, 2010 2:10 am

It's a pain jumping through subforums.

Re: okay

Wed Sep 08, 2010 8:38 am

Stufflikehearts wrote:I don't even know how to react, I've never had someone close to me die before.

It happened to me twice, if not three times already.
First one, a good friend of mine (Raymond) has a fraternal twin (Louie). He has fougt cancer all his life which I haven't noticed. Just months before graduation in 2007, he was bed ridden and days before on graduation night of class of 2007, he died which struck a blow to my friend Raymond.

The other one, One of my friends was 20 when he was gonna graduate in 2008 (Yeah, sometimes in Hawaii ever if you flunk twice you can still be in school). But he (Marvin) has his leg runned over by a truck which happened waay before, idk months ago. And during Spring Break watching his siblings play around in the garage, he suddenly had a heart attack and died. He was going to graduate with us in the Class of 2008. He was our coolest friend, which one of us made some dedication myspace profile for him. And at graduation night, we commemorate his death which we gave the diploma to his parents for his achievements.

And last, who was my co-worker (Anthony). He was also my dad's co-worker cuz we all work in the same place, Hickam Commissary in Hickam AFB. We thought of Anthony being the coolest guy to be around, but what we didn't know is that he is facing mental breakdown. His girlfriend left him and goes on meds for depression for idk reasons. He died from rumors of hanging himself in suicide or overdosing meds. Idk which one he died from. And this was recent, it happened in April this year 2010.


Yeah, I know how you feel about losing someone you already knew or someone that being close to you.
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