New Here? Please read this.

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New Here? Please read this.

Postby Amaranthine Ali » Tue Dec 08, 2009 7:27 am

Welcome to the Everafter Forum

Hello, newcomer. To save confusion, I took the liberty of writing out this thread. In this thread you will find information about Endling and his Everafter web-comic series. But first please read the Global Forum Rules to familiarize yourself with them so everyone here can welcome you with open arms when you first join the forums.

The following is based on facts gathered from Endling's spoken word from here or at Endling’s DeviantART Journal.

Now onto Endling, he ever rarely visit’s the forums. The reason is, the man like all of us have a life to live and is very busy. When he does visit the forums, you will probably know about it.

Now on the point of Everafter and when will it update. No one knows for sure when Everafter will update, it hasn’t updated in over a year and Endling has stated multiple times both in his DeviantART Journal and here that it is on a prolonged hiatus, however the story itself has been finished and all he needs to do now is turn what story he has into a comic, chapter by chapter. With that, Everafter is very much a experimental comic project for Endling, so there is no knowing of if and when it will ever be finished. So, please just be patient, and wait like everyone else.

Now what is Endzone, you might ask? Endzone was an OCT (original character tournament) that Endling hosted from his DeviantART account, it was set within the Everafter story universe, however it is not tied within the actual Everafter story itself, it is more like a spin-off series as to the actual Everafter story. Within Endzone, the story was made up by the characters and the players within it guided by Endling’s hosting.

With two frequently questioned questions answered in this thread, you now know instead of going ahead and making a thread asking a question that can’t be really be answered and if anyone new does make a thread asking these questions well don’t flame them, instead point them in this direction. And if there is any other question that you want answered please read either Endling’s DeviantART Journal's he had written himself or read this FAQ thread. which Endling had initially began answering all you’re questions, although he hasn’t updated that in quite a while either and there is no knowing if he would continue that either.

If anyone wants to add to this entry, feel free to PM me.
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