Best Mystery Anime

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Best Mystery Anime

Postby chrisb » Mon Jun 12, 2006 8:10 am

I started hating Detective Conan after I saw what a true mystery anime should be: Spiral- Lines of Reasoning, it's gotta be the best writing in a mystery anime ever, it has the greatest characters and great suspense. I know many hated the ending but I sort of liked it and how Ayumu finally started to believe in himself and saw he could change his future and be a different person. I truelly hates how the manga progresses, it gets way darker and although I like it more for it's violent side the characters are awfully developed and poor Ayumu gets the worst treatment even though he is a total jerk in the manga, he starts to become a more cooler person in the manga but... gah I felt sorry for him as he goes hrough he loses everyone. It also has like one of the more depressing endings ever and Hiyono has a drastic change, she isn't who she appears to be at all from the start.

If you wanna know how Spiral REALLY (it's dissapointing to me) ends read here: ... Characters

So what in your opinion is the greatest mystery anime?
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Postby BobSagat » Mon Jun 12, 2006 4:48 pm

This needs a spoiler tag.

And mystery anime?

Well if it counts... Higurashi no Naku Koro ni wins for SURE.
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Postby Crash » Tue Jun 13, 2006 2:30 am

I know a good one, but I dont know if its an anime aswell.
that, and I still have to figure out the title from the kanji.
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