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Digital Purg question

Postby ArugulaZ » Sat Jan 18, 2003 12:55 pm

All right, getting off the subject of, um, that site, I've got a question for you about one of the Digital Purgatory comics. What exactly is CyberSix, and what makes Nix so disturbed for liking it? Judging from the poster it looks like some kind of Aeon Flux rip-off.


P.S. By the way, good comic. Is it based on real life events?
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Postby Nix » Sat Jan 18, 2003 1:16 pm

Cybersix is a Spanish comic character created back in the 70's. It was extremely popular in Spain, Mexico, France, Germany and a few other European countries that spoke Spanish. It was later adapted into a live action TV show in the US (I've never seen that) and finally a cartoon show in North America. Only one season was made, oddly enough there was a huge fan outpour of letters begging for more, but they never did come out with another season.

A short synopsis:

Cybersix is a synthetic human with greatly advanced healing, intelligence, speed, agility and strength. She was one of 1,500 such creations manufactured by a Nazi Scientist named 'Von Richter' to serve in WW2. The 'Cybers' as they were called, were deemed a total failure when it was discovered they had human emotions and refused to take part in the war effort. Von Richter was enraged and ordered the project terminated along with all the Cybers. 1,498 of them we successfully hunted down and destroyed, but one (Cyber6) got away, as did another (Data7).

Data7 is actually a Cyber with its brain transplanted into the body of a synthetic Panter as a side project after his body was accdientally damaged in a fall.

Von Richter has had his brain transplanted into a new cloned body of himself, so even though he's like 90 he still looks about 40. The show basically follows Cyber6's efforts to attempt to escape him and try to find out how far her humanity extends.

Anyways, a lot of people really didn't like the show, I couldn't tell you why, but thats the way things go sometimes. There is a general consensus that the reason so many parental groups fought the show being put on the air (and going into a new season) was because Cyber6 poses as a man by day to avoid detection by Von Richter. A LOT of religious groups were really upset by the idea of their children watching a show that had a character who cross-dresses. The comics themselves were really, really good, but could never be used to make episodes of the cartoon because they were much violent and gritty.
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