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Fri Jan 17, 2003 1:33 pm

erg....what sucks more is having to buy lots of shit for the classes you're taking on top of paying to take them.
My most expensive class this semester is about $104, and it's my jazz dance class.
It's a one credit class, that is supposed to meet Mon, Wed, Fri from 12:30-1:50. Essentially, that's like, 4 and a half hours in that class a week for one credit hour and 104 bucks, plus the 40-70 I expect to pay for a pair of jazz shoes (my ballet shoes won't cut it...no grip).
Nicely enough though, our teacher has cancelled class on Friday, b/c of other obligations he has, and b/c he feels bad for us as we're only getting one credit for it. So instead we meet Mon and Wed regularly, and the last Friday of every month for special projects.

My next expensive class is about 90 bucks: my voice lessons. A 2 credit class that I have to attend 3 hours of stuff for: a one hour departmental, a one hour voice studio, and a one hour lesson. Plus practice time on my own, which is just like doing homework for any other class. But then I have to pay for music, and copying music for you and an accompanist at 10 cents a copy can really add up.
Then I get to pay an accompanist about 60 bucks a month.

Damn school.....
I'm broke.
I also spent nearly 400 dollars on books...and had to buy a 90 dollar parking permit.
Sadly, I think my Christmas money is going to end up going to gas and food.....

Fri Jan 17, 2003 1:34 pm


Absolutely. For my Business Ethics class in College everyone was told to think of a monopoly and then talk about it the next day in class.

When my turn came, I said "College", I was about to continue when I was directed to leave the class.

Judging by the ensuing laughter from my classmates I think I got my point across anyway.

Fri Jan 17, 2003 1:40 pm

Oh yeah... he didn't factor books and "additional charges" into things because my school simply doesn't have them... we don't fuck around and books or whatever are simply factored into tuition when you sign up. When it comes time to collect them you just give your name and get books.... programs... or whatever is needed.

We pay about 40k for 2 and a half years... = Bachelors degree... so if you pay more but go to a full 4 years it's probably the same... .. you can figure shit out for yourselves beyond that.

Fri Jan 17, 2003 1:46 pm

I think my tuition was only like $3,000/year, plus $400/year for books (which I just never bought) and $150/year for parking.

Sometimes they'd try and fuck us with things like a $90/year drug plan you HAD to get, unless you could prove you had a drug plan. Lucky for me I did, but they still charge you $20 "For the administration fee of cancelling your drug plan and refunding your money".


They also tried to tack on stupid things like "Photocopy costs" but I would just refuse to pay, and told them that I would file a complaint with the Ministry of Education citing them for 'Discrimination against the financially dissadvantaged' if they made me. I wasn't even close to poor at the time, but I made a point of always claiming to be when it came time to pony up some cash.

Two can play the 'Asshole' game.

Fri Jan 17, 2003 2:55 pm

TUition: Free for instate students with a 2.5 or higher
Books: $350+ a year
Supplies: free...if you like "illporperly gotten software"

And I'm learning how to use every popular graphics package out there. I know alot of people look DOWN on tech schools but damn. There's alot of bullshit I'm not having to deal with.
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