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Primary discussion forum. Also, feel free this use as a hangout for fans of the funny non-story based comics.
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Wed Jan 15, 2003 5:36 pm

Im haing no problems with the link color...but people with worse monitors or poorly monitors very well could. Dark anything (teal included) shouldn't be used on another dark color.

Wed Jan 15, 2003 5:38 pm

my monitor isn't very poor... it's my eyes that are.

Do cad for awhile and suddenly the site of 2 clashing colors instantly makes your eyeballs throb. Yeah.. 4 hours of staring at little lines... fun, and painful all at once.

Wed Jan 15, 2003 5:42 pm

No form of computer has ever hurt or annoyed my vision. But I easily get sound effects that bother me and such. There's one pitch that like gives me chills and not like "Oooh I have chills!" its like shivering and goosebumps and muscle tension. It sucks.

Wed Jan 15, 2003 5:45 pm

maaaaaaaaaan... if we still had that sound feature I'd totally include a blasting wav of a sound test.

So... since we don't.... uhh...


Wed Jan 15, 2003 6:11 pm

I find the links ok too.

Wed Jan 15, 2003 6:41 pm

Layne, of course you're sexy.

And I have nice little glasses, with frames that I adore and never want to be without. Which is why I haven't gotten around to getting new lenses put into them....

Thu Jan 16, 2003 8:59 am

Am I the only one who caught Kris' "Get in the way comment"? Or is it that my mind is always in the perpetual gutter
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