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Snafu Avatar Insert Title

1:35 PM Saturday, May 10, 2003
ummm yeah got to go. My roomate has a gun and wants me to go to Taco Bell. I like Taco Bell.


Snafu Avatar Finally Caught Up.

4:05 AM Friday, May 9, 2003
And thus concludes the Five Days of Flux. Best ending ever. Plus it had a good moral too. Kicking other people in the nuts always solves all of life's problems.

Alright today was VERY productive for me. I finished unpacking all my stuff and I'm finally totally moved into my new apartment. I payed rent so I don't have to worry about that anymore. I downloaded the theme song for Never Ending Story and am currently listening to it (yeah how bad assed is that.) and to top all of this off I FINALLY had time to read AND reply to all of my e-mails. 77 frickin e-mails. So yeah sorry to all those people who had to wait for a reply from me and sorry to the people that got quick replies from me. I usually have longer e-mails but 77 of them don't go away that quickly if I write several paragraphs for each of them. Oh and also there is a slight chance my inbox could have been full so if you didn't get a reply from me today I didn't get the e-mail. Sorry.

Since I finally caught up on e-mail I have some news. One there is another guest comic I now have and I'll put that one up tomorrow (Saturday) Then I have three new links in the link section. Juzzy Inc. which is from Edgar the rad cat who gave me a guest comic last week. His comic is ultra funny. His Z.O.E. comic nearly killed me with laughter. So so so perfect. Then I we have Fireball Comics which even took the time out of their busy days to make fun of my gramar in the link section. "Me fail English? That's unpossible." Next on the list is Qwerty comics which is a brand new comic and what not. Phew, I've typed soooo much today.


Snafu Avatar Vector Man

2:25 AM Thursday, May 8, 2003
Oh yeah I totally forgot. Vector Man for the PS2 kills me. Couldn't Sega have just shot my mom or something? Vector Man was an artistic awesome experience. This new Vectorman is just so so not Vectorman. Oh and PS2 IGN's Perry ticked me off with this miss information.

"I couldn't take my hands off the crazily green-orbed one, one of the last side-scrolling action-platform games on Sega's one and only Nintendo-beating console."

I love that Perry liked Vectorman and all but the Genisis was STOMPED by the SNES. But hey if Perry thinks he can rewrite history who am I to stand in his way?

Oh and this lovely quote

"We're moving away a kiddy world, a funny low-key game from the past that served gamers well like six years ago. Gamers are now more sophisticated and serious, more intelligent."

K if more sophisticated and intelligent means you can't play a game that's fun and original but would rather have a game devoid of color and has gratitous amounts of gun power in a mindless shooting spree then you could say were more sophisticated and intelligent. Then he goes on,

"I think that people are looking forward to something different than what Vectorman was then. I feel like they want a darker, more deadly, kick-ass game. Vectorman, in this game, is a walking arsenal with attitude and style all his own."

We want something different than Vectorman was then? Well I'm glad he informed me of what I think. and it's great that Vectorman is now a walking arsenal with attitude. I mean it's not like the video game industry isn't already flooded with those type of characters. Then what I feared from screen shot one.

"Just like in Halo, players can use a gun in one hand and carry a grenade in the other."

I knew it, they were trying to make their own Halo type game. They wanted a look similar to Halo they wanted a game similar to Halo. They wanted to be Halo. If I didn't totaly dispise Halo that wouldn't be such a bad thing. but man ewww.

I guess it's just really diappointing to me to see Sega a company I've always respeccted for inovation and uniqueness falling into the cookie cutter crap that every other company is already. Who knows maybe after this they'll make a "survival horror" game. It's not like everyone else hasn't tried already.

Don't get me wrong I WILL play Vectorman and I'll probably enjoy myself. But a part of me has died.

I've been pissy from stress,

Snafu Avatar Quitted!

1:51 AM Thursday, May 8, 2003
Best day ever. K I quit my fast food job. It had to happen. My game store job was full time and doing part time fries and hamburgers just was too much. So I quitted. It was bad cuz I've never quit a job before without well moving or something of that nature. This is the first time I had to say "I have a better job and I don't want to do this one anymore." type thing. So now I have just one job (and an awesome one by the way.)

Now more about my job. My co-worker Derek is a complete and utter idiot. For one he's a jackass, for two he knows jack squat about games, for three I was trying to sell games to a customer and he seriously tried to talk her into never buying a game again but instead renting them. Needless to say my boss pulled him aside and basically explained to him, "your an idiot." Derek is such a dumb dumb dumb person. And here's the kicker he's a pre-med student. Yeah he thinks. In all actuality he's only been to one year of college... in his home town. Yeah he's living with his parents still. So he's still has a total high schooler mentality. I'd go into detail but that would only further lower my I.Q. thinking about his stupidity. My one happiness is that I make fun of him when ever humanly possible. So basically the full time inbetween breaths.

Now for the upside. I bought GunValkarie... I also left it at the store because I'm retarded. But it's mine and I'm oh so happy about it. Now Toe Jam and Earl is the only Sega game I don't own, not including Sega Sports of course.

Tomorrow/Today I plan to catch up on everything. I'll finally finish moving in, I'll pay my rent, I'll play games and I'll fix the site a bit. I actually had an idea while working that would solve a problem or two and slightly lower the download time. Then after that I'll get to work on that Staff Page you guys voted for. Plus I'm going through drawing withdrawals so I might make a comic or three for next week. How exciting huh? Now that I have one job and school is over for the summer I should have ZERO reason to not have the three day a week schedule. So as of next week Snafu get's it's normal update schedule back. WOOO HOOOO.

I'm excited are you excited?

Snafu Avatar I'll Get A Break Thursday.

4:07 AM Wednesday, May 7, 2003
Alright work is getting a lot better. But Today (Wednesday) is when I have to just survive. I work from 11 A.M. to 10 P.M. With an hour break from 3-4... Oh man. But the up side is that I only have to work one of my jobs on Thursday which will seem like a complete vacation after all the other days this week. Hooo boy. But yeah I'll be sure and finally complete my moving in process to my new apartment and then I'll get some site work done. Promise.

Flux said turd. tee hee.

Oh and yeah that new character is Flux's normal character from Mega Dome Allstars incase you don't know.


Snafu Avatar E-mail

4:17 AM Tuesday, May 6, 2003
K I'm not sure what I've put in my posts lately. Cuz I'm tired.

My new job has me working overtime when I clearly checked the part time box on the application. Does that little box mean nothing? Clearly there is a check in part time and not full time and definately there was no check in the work me till I die box. Yeah I'm tired. My feet kill my back hurts and I haven't played a single "good" game yet.

I moved into a new apartment Friday. It rained. Last time I moved it rained. I live in a desert people. It NEVER rains. But once I have to move my electronics and posters (yeah both of em.) it rains. Mother nature is a whore and don't let anyone tell you different.

I haven't answered e-mail in a bit cuz I haven't read e-mail. I know it's there but hell man. Hell.


Snafu Avatar Flux Lol1!1!!!1

3:16 AM Monday, May 5, 2003
Well this is the first of five consecutive comics from Flux. So I decided to name it Five Days of Flux. Honestly (since I can see all five.) I've over analized these things to death. Honestly he jam packs these things with so much funny it's almost scary. It's the little details that make it perfect and yeah you'll see. It's really best appreciated as a set of five than the stand alone one. But you have to wait till Friday.


Oh and Flux is the ultra talented artist from the now kapoot Mega Dome All Stars. Flux's art skillz will come out more around comic three. You'll see.

Oh and just for a bit of news I now have a second job. I'm working at Game Crazy (a game store.) and yeah the store just BARELY opened up a few days ago and there is a total of two employees so I've been working ungodly hours and have to do everything and yeah it's awful. But still awesome cuz it's a game store. Either way this week I'm going to tinker with fixing the site up. Oh and about the slowness of the site lately here is the official word from my host:

During this restructuring and reorganization period, clients will experience disruption of service(s).

Being Serviced:

Unix 111/ Unix 208

NO Estimated Time

So you see I don't even have an idea when this awfulness will be over. And I'm thankful you're still coming here even though it's slow. It's been quite awhile so it should be getting fixed soon I would think.


Snafu Avatar IGN

1:28 PM Saturday, May 3, 2003
Alright just a little post to vent my annoyance.

My year subscription to IGN ran out a week or so ago. Oh well. I've been spamed by these people to resign up again like crazy. I've even been bothered on the main site with nearly every ad being replaced by a sign up again for IGN ad instead. I don't doubt that I will sign up again but I think I'll wait until they have a story worth paying for. That could and probably will be E3 but we'll see.

Now for what I'm really annoyed with. Their PS2 and XBOX sections. They suck. Flat out they have the worst news and the worst editors. XBOX especially so. Today they had a Future launch titles for X-Box 2 as their MAIN STORY. It was even disclaimered as a just for fun article based on ZERO fact. Well it was insulting. They only came up with five titles. One being Grand Theft Auto which is Sony's main game and another being a Mario Online game. In the article they even went into detail to explain how Microsoft would buy out these two franchises. At least they even put in the article that Microsoft NEEDS franchises and mascots cuz it's severly lacking in both. But to take the main atraction of both competitive systems and claim that it would one day be Microsoft's main games is just infuriating to me. What pisses me off even more is that there IS a dumb shit "gamer" out there who is already telling his friends that Mario and Grand Theft Auto are exclusive to X-Box now. Idiots. I know Xbox IGN was just trying to come up with a story. I mean it would be hard since trying to write something interesting about the X-Box would be as easy as trying to write something nice about the Nazis. But seriously holy crap could you have possibly crosed MORE lines with this one? Then they wrote on a Halo novel based off the game. The story on Halo sucked. Flat out. A novel based on that story could only lower my intelligence ever further and that's saying something. I could go on but I won't. It's just that sometimes I think they're not even trying to be decent journalists anymore.

end rant,

Snafu Avatar Most References Ever.

5:31 AM Friday, May 2, 2003
I love this comic to death. It's so well crafted I'm totally jealous. It has references, original jokes, and a coherance that's almost unnerving. Perfect. Man Edgar the SECOND you get your Juzzy Inc. up and running give me a shout out so I can link to yah. I expect great things coming from your direction.

Now for what really matters.

X-MEN 2 is the BEST Movie I've Ever Seen. It beat Spider-Man in my eyes. and that doesn't happen. I still Like Spider-Man better than the X-men in general terms but as of now X-Men has the better movie.

I'm such a traitor,

Snafu Avatar Oops Links.

1:17 AM Thursday, May 1, 2003
Oh yeah I updated the Link Section.

IJFID is the new comic on the block. It's got an original art and writing style all it's own. Also Kirk is a rad guy. Rad I say.

Oh and Sara & David has been a miss placed link for who knows how long. I meant to move it to the story section but instead it's been sitting in the bottom of the humor section. But I fixed that now. So yeah if you need your 3D story comic fix go there now. Sorry about the screw up Alex.

time for more study,

Snafu Avatar I'm Already Dead.

1:06 AM Thursday, May 1, 2003
Hilarious Guest Comic as always. I'm sure Gold has no idea how nailed to a tee he got my personality in this one. NO IDEA.

I'll have another fabulous guest comic coming this Saturday so be sure and come back for it's splendidnessous.

Go watch X-Men 2 this weekend or don't come back ever.

Finals are almost over. Tomorrow morning I'll be all done with the vile horrid things. Speaking of which I'd like to give a shout out to my Calc 3 final: Fuck You. That is all.

K I know none of you are going to believe this but I've NEVER seen Indiana Jones or the original three Star Wars. I know I know I've already gotten plenty of crap from everyone. Well anyhoo I watched my first Indiana Jones movie today. It was neat, a little old, interesting, and so so so long. Fortunately afterwards I watched Ballistic and that is everything I've ever wanted in a movie and so much more.

Wanna see my Ballistic?

Snafu Avatar Almost Back.

2:23 AM Sunday, April 27, 2003
This is the fabled Zelda comic you voted for on the poll. I actually have several other Zelda comics that I "want" to do but I don't know if I'll get time to pull them off this week. this is the last week of finals EVAR. so once this week is over Snafu will resume like normal three times a week Monday Wednesday Friday. As is I have a few guest comics (five) that I have to put out there sometime. Depending on if I sequel it up or not it could be this week or next.

Oh and speaking of finals I did better than I expected on Calc 3. Worse than I thought on Chemistry and English is done, that's all we need to say about that bastard subject.

Now I know that the site has been going slower than... some really slow thing lately. I've bitched and moaned to my host through the power of e-mail. DJ thinks it's a MySQL problem so hopefully that can be fixxed fairly soon. The forums are suffering the worst. I can't even get on the things anymore and I've received e-mails saying that other people are having similar problems. Honestly I'm SORRY but I don't know when it will be fixed. Oh and I see that the backgroudn is back up. I don't know how that happened. But I'll change it back to a solid color right now so maybe that will quicken the site up. Barely.

Well it seems the poll results are far in favor of a adding an archive of Old Poll Results. But that poll was cheated on big time. Staff Page was the "real" winner of the poll. But I figure that if someone cares enough to go through the agonizingly slow site to cheat that much they must want the old poll archive results pretty bad. So when finals are over I'll start by adding a new Staff Page. Then I'll see what I can do about an old poll archive. Honestly I'll probably SLOWLY add all of those sections at one point or another. Hopefully in the summer I can get some major work on the site done.

I've learned three AWESOME tricks in Photoshop over the weekend. One I learned from Ian at Mac Hall, once trick I learned from a friend. The other trick I learned from where I learn more than anything else on Photoshop my old pal "Oops".

I also have a few links I need to add to the link section. Plus today I did something I haven't done in a long long long long long time. I read webcomics. As of late I just haven't had time for it but I easily wasted two hours or more reading webcomics today. Utter bliss.

Oh and incase any of you care work rocked the first two days but today I think I experience Hell on earth. Yeah that fun.

Plus I've seen some read movies this week. Anger Management for one. Probably the best Adam Sandler movie I've seen in a long time. Still no Happy Gillmore or Billy Madeson but I think Adam hit his peak with those movies and everyone since then will only be a pale shadow of what those two movies were.

I watched clips of Akira, enough to know I want to see this movie. Then I've gone through 8 episodes of Evangalion (spelling?) It's such a weird rad weird show that's rad in a weird way. Then I went to a Lan Party and played Star Wars Galatic Battlegrounds and Counter Strike till 5 in the morning last night. I enjoy both games and the company rocked the hiz house so it was a great night. But honestly I'd rather play 007 on N64 than Counter Strike anyday (don't hurt me.) Star Wars G.B. is a total Age of Empires clone and that's fine. You could almost call it a Clone War .

Maxx informs me that Sonic X episode 2 just got dubbed but for the life of me I can't find where to download the episode. But I assure you if I find it I'll link it here.

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