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Snafu Avatar Happy Birthday Scytheboy

1:36 PM Monday, March 24, 2003
This just in, breaking news, it's Scott Ramsoomair aka Scytheboy's birthday. Much celebration is now required. If you don't tell Scott happy birthday over at VG Cats your letting the terrorists win.


Snafu Avatar Might Be Busy

1:36 AM Monday, March 24, 2003
Yeah this was born from a conversation between me and Kevin about "butt chins" and yeah I don't know what else to say.

I've been playing around with Maya 4.5 Learning Edition free trial whatever and I LOVE it. It's a pity that I can't show you any of the images I've made since it marks it and stuff cuz it's the learning edition. Well besides the only thing I've made is a door. Then I animated it to swing open and shut and stuff in a short clip. The animation was fairly easy since it's basically exactly how Flash works. I tried Flash ONCE and the short animated clip sucked big time and I'll never show anyone that I can't punch in real life. But from the clip I learned the basics of animation so this was a snap. Next I'm going to try and get a handle on texture art then I'll try and put it all together and make some 3D Snafu models. But this is all a LONG ways away. But we'll see.

Oh and there is a GOOD chance I won't update as much as I should this week since I have not one but TWO tests one in Chemistry and the other in Calculus... So yeah I may be studying... ewww the S word. So do forgive me for having other responsibilities. But hey maybe I'll make a comic anyways we'll see it depends on how much time I have... or don't have.

I played through Max Payne on the X-box today. Way fun game. But the X-box froze on me... twice. Yeah it's made by Microsoft all right.

I tried the first Lord of the Rings game as well. It looked too complex and yeah so I took it back since I don't have the time to get into a "real" game I want the short day long games so I can play them get it over with and then do homework. Although Zelda comes out soon so that strategy of gaming is out the window. Oh and Xeno Saga will own me after Zelda this is my prediction. Let it be written let it be done.

ass face,

Snafu Avatar Signature

2:08 PM Friday, March 21, 2003
A few of you have asked so I'll just say it yes that is my "actual" signature under my comics now. By "actual" I mean I practiced at least ten times on a paper to get the one that looks decent (my handwriting sucks). The Japanese stuff says Dave Stanworth as well... I think. A least that's what Takasha told me... of course he has tricked me before... I'm really scared now.

Oh and I bought a crossbow today. I thought it would be a toy I could just mess around with. But holy crap I guarantee it could kill someone. I didn't think it would be like all deadly and stuff but man. I feel weird knowing I actually have a weapon now that I wanted to be a toy.

toys are dangerous,

Snafu Avatar Cameotastic.

2:07 PM Friday, March 21, 2003
Triple threat of cameos comes to us from Sid at the Hardcore Empire. There is a cameo of me, Nix from Digital Purgitory, and DJ from The-Misc. Hooray! Go check it out post haste you people you.

Oh and it's not even noon yet and I've received a TON of e-mail over this comic. Way more than usual. All good but one so I guess this is a good thing. But as to that one and maybe later in the day it will be two it's only a joke man it's not like I'm some French hating Hitler or something. Geez.

It's a joke,

Snafu Avatar Poll Results

2:06 PM Friday, March 21, 2003
I forgot to mention. It seems that the poll results show that around one out of every four Snafu readers soil themselves rather than go to the Men's or Women's room. Best Fans EVAR.

I'm so proud,

Snafu Avatar Not You Pierre

2:05 PM Friday, March 21, 2003
I'm sure you've all heard about how France is setting whole new records in how far a country can collectively stick their heads in their own asses. It's really amazing at how deep some of those people can get. I figure their hats somehow make their heads more areodynamic so it slides in easier.

K in all honesty I really have been pissy toward France since I took French in 8th grade... Worst language EVER. But I don't have anything againt the French people. I haven't met them. I'm sure if I did though I would infact hate them truely. end.

(by the way Pierre you don't count since your Canadian French and that voids you from any of the above.)

I'm also not to keen on the idea of calling french fries, freedom fries. My fries didn't make me free. They never fought in any wars. They didn't kick England's ass... although killer fighting fries would be rad. The fries could rub salt in people's eyes then attack their arteries with the new miltary developed greese ray, all while displaying crazy ninja fighting moves.

I watched the movie The Hunted today. So freaking amaing. I still can't believe how perfect the final fight scene was. Just one move blew my mind and then some. I'm almost repulsed that I've NEVER thought of it before and it makes soooooo much sense. I'm repulsed that NO ONE has ever thought of it before. It's the first time I've seen "it" in a movie and I do hope it's not the last. I won't say anything you'll have to see it but I very much so liked the techniques.

Oh and mad props goes out to Brad at The-Misc. He just developed a great new style for his comics (which Dave's hair in this comic borrows from big time.) His comics now look like a painting, but good. It's really very worth seeing... and then staring at for hours on end.

Freedom fries,

Snafu Avatar HOLY WOW!

2:03 AM Thursday, March 20, 2003

and I'm the book boy...


Snafu Avatar Now to Finish The Rant

5:21 PM Wednesday, March 19, 2003
K more about the comic. I originally wanted to draw Dante in his new Diesel outfit but I'll be damned if I could find a single picture of how he looked anywhere on the whole internet. And since my memory dictated that he was in a pink cowboy hat and shirtless or something equally hideious I just changed the comic up a bit. And yeah once again I'm trying some new techniques and stuff. I don't know if I like them totally. The fire is a bit weird but not horrible for a first shot. I tried finding a how to make fire tutorial but failed miserably so I just made up how I'd make fire and yeah close enough. Scythe at VG Cats once told me how to make rad looking fire but alas I've completely forgotten. Meh it happens. Also the line art progessively got worse the further I got. The Sketch was bad assed, the pen outline was alright, the scaned outline sucked the colored outline was well meh. Damn my photoshop lack of skillz. But I'm getting better so their is still hope. Sorta.

I've been playing Zelda Ocarina of Time Master Quest lately... well for two days... My mom currently has the exclusive rights to the game and when I left Spring Break and came back to college the game stayed with her. Sometimes it sucks having a gamer mom. No, no it doesn't. But yeah honestly I forgot how great the N64 Zelda really was. I can't believe how old it is though. I mean I still feel like that game came out yesterday. They should have remade Majora's Mask as well and put it all on the one Game Cube disc. Alright I'm just getting greedy.

Yeah I changed the poll again. I'm just rather curious as to how many female to male readers I have. Thus far it seems like 75% male and 25% female. That's to be expected I guess. I should have had the poll take you to a special page with my phone number if you clicked female and voted. Maybe next time. Although this is the internet and I'm sure eveyone is lieing about their gender anyways... Hey! That means 75% of the people here are women. How you doin?

GPS systems are the coolest thing since sprinkles on ice cream. They have a website called geocaching I believe and there are TONZ of hidden stuff everywhere. they give you cordinates some hints and a map and you can go find this buried treasure. It's so much fun it hurts. I've already found two. In one I got a flash light key chain and in the other I got Pokemon cards, Score! Your supposed to leave a white elephant gift behind for the next person. Since I forgot (both times) I just dropped in a couple of bucks. Same difference sorta.

I have a new art picture I have to put up sometime soon. Later.

The site is still being worked on by my host so it may be slow for awhile. Hopefully in a few days it will be back to normal, hopefully.

I watched the all time weirdest anime ever Monday. I don't remember the name and I wouldn't mention it even if I did. It was TOO weird. I had fun watching it only because of the company but man I feel dumber for having seen it. Although I felt the same way after playing Z.O.E. But I still want to give Z.O.E. 2 a go sometime just to see if it that lil boy dies. I do hope so.

I went to whole new lows of talking like a hick today. I said you-sta couldn't. That sounds so much more inbreed than you-sta could. Damn you Jeff Foxworthy and your making fun of my native language. (shakes fist in general direction of the ceiling.)

Oh and ummm yeah I can't stop swearing very well so yeah expect my speech to be as normal. But for a good day or two there I was pretty clean talking. I'll still try and tone it down but meh.

Two girls from my home town came and visited me yesterday. You can imagine the surprise. I knew them from High school and they were on the Girls Tennis Team which with my love of Tennis I volunteered to help them practice and what not. It actually worked well for me because I got better as well. So yeah anyhow they visted and I was surprised. I guess that's my whole story about that.

Tragedy of all tragedys. I lost my beanie. Yeah I know this is awful. Two girls in my chemistry class even made fun of me. "Wow he actually has hair." "Did you get new glasses? Oh wait you have hair now." So yeah I feel rather lost without my pour beanie that's out somewhere in that cold miserable world all alone with nobody to wear it. So I bought two new beanies today so this will never happen again. Although my first original beanie is still the best and I miss it dearly. There will be a memorial service for the beanie tomorrow night at my house. Bring a dessert.

GPS Rules,

Snafu Avatar Now to Explain

1:46 PM Wednesday, March 19, 2003
K to explain this one when you beat Devil May Cry 2 you get a new costume for Dante. Well it looks rather fagish to say the least and I was pissed that they even assumed I'd "want" to play with Dante when he looked like that. Oh and about Devil May Cry 2, RENT this one. It's not worth a buy by anymeans. Infact the first one ownz 2 in almost every respect. Plus it's short and stuff.

I played through Lord of the Rings Two Towers for X-box on Monday. It's a great game (also a rental by the way, Don't buy.) Hack and Slash at it's best.

The server has been up and down for the past day or so so ummm yeah sorry bout that.

I have more stuff to announce but I have to go a GPS treasure hunt is calling me. I'll rant later today.


Snafu Avatar Last Laugh

2:34 AM Tuesday, March 18, 2003
Not good with the ladies? That's not what your little sister said last night.

Loves getting the last word,

Snafu Avatar Sketch Time Is Over

2:39 AM Monday, March 17, 2003
Not. I know some if not most of you were sick of the sketches I was passing off as comics last week. Well it ~was~ my spring break and I didn't exactly want to spend large amounts of time on the comic when I could be doing... stuff. and the sketches easily cut it down to a third of the time it usually takes me. So yeah actually I might rely on the sketches more for awhile since I have a LOT of stuff I need to catch up on i.e. school work, finish site redesign, staring at the wall. So yeah do forgive. Oh and I know this comic isn't hilarious but I love the art on this one for some reason and it really was what I thought. And the "Mr. David" is what my quasi-girlfriend used to call me and I really really love it.

Guest Comic tomorrow.

K I know I promised to finish the site redesign by now but read the above mentioned SPRING BREAK. Yeah Spring Break is the boss I just work here.

K I've tried to announce this three times now but when I write Article the Art part goes directly to the Art section automatically. so click on this. to see the... Essay... that Shky from Bandwich wrote. It's about Guest Comics and it's at the WCA News page something something. It's also permanently linked to in the Other Section.

Speaking of the Other Section I've officially quit the whole Web Cam thing. It's no more. I've decided to quit for five reasons.

1. I rarely updated.

2. I had AWFUL cam ideas.

3. I hated how I looked in the pics.

4. Too time consuming.

5. Hitler had a Web Cam.

So there you have it, it's gone.

The poll is back up hooray. Sorry everyone for nuking it the last few days... oops.

I watched Spriggan today and it was KICK ASS. I highly recomend this movie. It's an anime just so you know. It's ultra violent, GREAT ART, and it doesn't have a female robot trying to justify her existance.

I watched I-Spy and it was hilarious... and dumb. Overall the dumb outweighed the few and far between funny parts. But the funny was CLASSIC when it happened. Oh and Eddie Murphy sucks.

I conquered Devil May Cry 2, and Z.O.E., Both had AWFUL stories. But at least Devil May Cry 2 was fun. Z.O.E. was great when I started but it got so dumb so quick I actually wanted the bad guys to win. That whiny assed child that I had the great privlage to play as needed a swift kick to the face in my opinion. Now for Devil May Cry 2 it was a massive improvement style and control wise from the first. But the plot and story were so bad and the game overall was soo short it's only worthy of a rental at best.

I broke my windshield wipers... again. This time it wasn't my fault. it was snowing tonight and I accidentally used my windshield wippers to push all the snow off. and yeah broke them both instantly. It was way scary driving home. But on the neat side it's brighter outside (It's midnight) here than during the day. It's amazing I've NEVER seen it so bright. It's almost like the whoel planet is glowing or something. Cool stuff.

Mr. David,

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