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Snafu Avatar It's True Though.

1:45 PM Friday, January 3, 2003
It's alright guys nothing worth reacting for. I'll admit it isn't exactly how I wanted to wake up to on my first day back but meh. About the Something Awful bit

A) yeah my first comics did blow mega nut. I didn't know how to work HTML or Photoshop but I did them anyways. It was a huge experiment from day to day so yeah they sucked oh well. But I am getting better (which wasn't hard to do from "that")

B) I don't like the X-box but I'm now an owner of one. which Monday's comic was going to reveal but oops the surprise is out.

C) My link, and guest comic "whoreing" isn't nessicarily because I'm a comic prostitute (well a little) but because I promised myself when I started to never be an ass hole to anyone if they asked (baring they don't have porn on their site or something). So yeah go ahead and try and rip on me for being nice I don't mind.

D) I hate reading books and Harry Potter is the first book I've liked since the old school Goosebump books.

But yeah you can have whatever opinion of me and my site. feel free to tell me anything you want that could "improve" the site that's always welcome. Oh and check out some of "my" more recent comics if you would (it will be semi difficult since I've basically had all guest comics for the month of December) before you make too quick of a judgement. But yeah welcome to Snafu.

Snafu Avatar Pyro Trailer.

2:00 AM Friday, January 3, 2003
I couldn't help but put this baby up. The look on Hapoppo in the last frame alone is just golden. oh and it seems to be announcing something at the Pyro Trailer site or something.

Snafu Avatar Sticky.

2:00 AM Thursday, January 2, 2003
Even though Mr. Alien from Stick Town declared himself neutral in the VG Cats VS Snafu War he said he was slightly Snafu so that's good enough for me to take his comic and put it up. Oh and why this comic and tomorrow's comic aren't with the rest of the War comics is because they were a lil late submiting them. No biggie though.

Snafu Avatar The Other Web Site.

2:00 AM Sunday, December 29, 2002
This comic was Done by the always kind Troggles from The Other Website. As anyone who knows me in real life I have an unstopable sweet tooth. Well technically the sweet tooth died a long time ago and is now replaced with several fillings and two caps but the soul of this sweet tooth still forces me to devour candy like mad. Capping it only made it stronger.

Snafu Avatar Forums Are Great.

2:00 AM Saturday, December 28, 2002
This is a comic born purely from the forums. If your a forum regular you'll know that Nix's, Wayne's, and My mom always take turns at receiving the next your mamma joke. Kris being the coolest female forum goer ever also made an appearence just cuz and yeah that's all you need to know. Oh and who to give credit to as well. Sidious the one who Satisfies.

Snafu Avatar Kris Rules.

2:00 AM Friday, December 27, 2002
For the record Kris rules hardcore. Thanks for the rad comic Kris.

Snafu Avatar I Enjoy A Good Flash.

2:00 AM Thursday, December 26, 2002
Easily Mambo's best comic yet... and biggest.

Snafu Avatar That Sounds Like The Ice Cream Man... Of Death.

2:00 AM Wednesday, December 25, 2002
Sweet a comic from my Sprite buddy CJ. Gotta love the Sonic goodness. He even had Shadow (my fav Sonic Character) hold the Snafu flag. Excellent.

Snafu Avatar The End

2:00 AM Tuesday, December 24, 2002
Thus concludes the battle between Nix and Sidious..

Snafu Avatar Bullet Time

2:00 AM Monday, December 23, 2002
Part two puts Nix a (VG Cats supporter and Snafu hosted comic) and Sidious. Into a Matrix type battle. When Sidious first told me of his Matrix idea I didn't think it was possible to ever remotely convey the idea of Matrix fighting in a comic. I stand corrected.

Snafu Avatar Three Part Arc

2:00 AM Sunday, December 22, 2002
This is the first of a three part story done by General Sidious of the Hardcore Empire. Hoo to the Ha ha.

Snafu Avatar Sorry Sorry

10:23 PM Saturday, December 21, 2002
Itís good to have a Dragon Clan on my side. On the War issue itís basically over (well except for the comics I still have to get up.) cuz Scott from VG Cats is going (already went) on Vacation and wonít be back until I can grow decent facial hair (never). And IímÖ wellÖ busy.

My bad my bad. I know I was supposed to update but Iíve been SO SO SO busy lately. I thought I would have more time but that doesnít seem to have been the case. And unfortunately it doesnít look like Iíll have any large amount of time anywhere in the near or distant future. But I do have the comics set up for auto updating now. The rants however might suffer from extreme tardiness so Iíll try and get them up as on time as possible.

Iíve got a new and improved Sprite Page in the Art section now thanks to Master Night Blade. He made some kick ass Dave Sprites that add to the splendor of DJís Sprites he made and the fugly ones are mineÖ blah.

I took down the background cuz apparently my background graphic pushed Netscape users over and stole their lunch money. Iíll try and figure out a new background that might not be as harshÖ or maybe not who knows.

Iíve rejoined TWC again cuz Funny Pages just wasnít doing it for me. Screw this month though Iíll begin the vote whoring come January. Besides this month will be vast majority guest comics and I wouldnít deserve any of the votes I get.

I watched Lord of the Rings the Two Towers Midnight on opening night. Your ALL going to hate me but when I saw the first Lord of the Rings to say I disliked it would be an understatement. I detest that movie. Now when I saw Two Towers I expected the same boring shit that was in the first one. I giant walking around in the woods party getting nowhere with a gay ending. Well fortunately I didnít get what I expected. Two Towers was GREAT. Golem (how ever you spell it) was perfect. The Action was top notch. I loved it loved it loved it. Not saying that there werenít a few ďoh geez they actually just said/did that.Ē Parts but it was overall a masterful movie very well executed.

Iíve also watched Kiss of the Dragon, good but not great. I expected more.

Iíve finally beaten Metroid Prime. I knew I liked this game but the more I got into it the more I realized this is my all time favorite game EVER. Iím so going back through it on Hard mode when I get the chance.

Simpsonís Road Rage, Monkey Ball 2, and Smash Brothers Melee have conquered my life lately. I havenít had this much multiplayer action since the last time I visited Nixís mom.

Speaking of Nix youíll notice the brand new Digital Purgatory link just under the This Comic Sucks link. Digital Purgatory is the brand new Snafu hosted comic. Itís DAMN good and itís author more than kicks his fair share of ass. Youíll have to check it out sometime. Check out This Comic Sucks as well since they just updated with a great comic. I laughed then I laughed then I gasped for air and laughed some more. Itís that good.

There is also a new link today. Turbo Kiwi. The art on this one is insanely good. The comics are hilarious and there is the coolest monkey quite possibly known to man on it. I love it and you should to. Go check it out.

Well thatís my semi long rant cuz I donít expect to be around for another spell or so


Snafu Avatar I'm not here

12:50 AM Wednesday, December 18, 2002
I'm so not here at the moment. Umm yeah.

Thanks Turbo Kiwi.

from Dave... sorta,

Snafu Avatar The Team

4:02 AM Tuesday, December 17, 2002
This is a group picture of some of the members of Team Snafu in our little War. We've got Wayne from This Comic Sucks, Sidious form Hardcore Empire, Me from here, DJ from The-Misc, Vis and Reject from Smileville, The coolest monkey ever from Turbo Kiwi. By the way Turbo Kiwi dude I've still got to get your link up. You'd think that the holidays would give me more time but friends and Metroid Prime have said otherwise. Sorry bout that but it's still on my list of "to do". The whole picture was drawn by Sidious first class General of the Eastern Division in the Snafu Army.

Oh it seems Scott from VG Cats has "family" to go see for the holidays so the final comic is a no go. Anyone out there want to make a Wrap up comic? Go for it. I don't wanna.

Happy holidays from Hell VG Cats,

Snafu Avatar Take That!

4:42 PM Monday, December 16, 2002
Hooray for Vis and his selfless act of being ammo! I know reject from Smileville was good for something.

This whole week I should have War comics up from various War type people. I mean EVERY DAY. this includes Saturday and Sunday.

So for all the people that I said your guest comics were being put up this week well I didn't know I'd be in the middle of World War Sissy Fight the Third so yeah I'll make it up to you and put them all up next week.

Then the week after that I'm dedicating my entire week of comics (maybe everday haven't decided) to a Canada week to Welcom Nix (see above) aboard to the Snafu Team (not for the war the traitor went with VG Cats.) Yeah Nix's Comic which we're still hush hush about (for a bit longer) is kick ass and then some. He also happens to be Canadian so I plan to rub that in for a week straigt as a way of saying welcome. So yeah hooray for December. (oh and look for a The-Misc guest comic at the end of that week.)

Crazy Canadians,

Snafu Avatar Bring It VG CAts

9:30 PM Friday, December 13, 2002
It's the first official shot from VG Cats! It comes to us in the form of a flash movie. Scott you've really out done yourself this time.

Check out the war page by clicking that banner to see all of the fighting goodness remember to click on the picture to see Scott's movie.

your not supposed to fight back,

Snafu Avatar I couldn't help it.

6:41 PM Friday, December 13, 2002
I promised myself that I wouldn't post anything on the War until Monday but I had to give you guys this little sneak peak.

Go check out Troy's Bucket for a look at just some of the greatness that is in store next week. Oh and you could alwasy just click that Way banner above to go straight to the VG Cat's War page that has "most" of the War comics/posters/propaganda on it.

I like Buckets,

Snafu Avatar I'm Just Glad They're Dead

1:25 AM Friday, December 13, 2002
Personally I'm just glad I got rid of Damien and Percy. Well I'm 100% totally through making VG Cats VS Snafu war comics. It's up to the people who joined in the crusade now to finish up the job. Hoo Ha!

the end,

Snafu Avatar TRAITOR!

7:44 AM Thursday, December 12, 2002
Just when you think you know a guy he decapitates you with a rather large axe... OK this comic actually had NOTHING to do with the War since it was made LONG before the VG Cats VS Snafu thing ever happened and I was actually going to do this Sara & David comic Tuesday but it fit so perfectly right here I just had to. Oh and if the TRAITOR Alex wants to say something about his murderous act he can. (Alex is really cool I'm just playin.)

Oh and totally check out Wayne's new animation. It's classic on so many levels.

Oh and on a sidenote Annie you Rule and I lurve you too,

Snafu Avatar It's True.

7:34 PM Wednesday, December 11, 2002
Yeah actually DJ I found The-Misc through VG Cats. So yeah Die VG Cats you take me to other good comics that will even further waste my time.

The War is starting to get into full swing. As you can see we've got a War Banner up thanks to my pal Alex from Sara & David. The banner goes to a VG Cats page that is going to be the documentation/central hub for the entire war.

Also the forums on both sites have threads dedicated to the death of VG Cats/Snafu respectively. Personally Iím just excited to see what Scot comes up with.


Snafu Avatar WAR

4:12 AM Wednesday, December 11, 2002
Oh shit to explain this. Umm VG Cats declared war on Snafu and this is my response. I like how some aspects turned out about this comic and others I could just kill myself over. For one the background is just well you can see it. But I was/am tired so screw that. Two I had the toughest time trying to get the pictures to fit together in any kind of anything. so the frames aren't exactly square. three I'm tired I'm so tired why am I up. I should have studied for my last few finals but nooo I had to draw to my heart's content. Oh and in case you can't tell the black lines are WAY better since I got a new pen... actually I didn't get a new pen I just found this one on my floor. It's so ordinary and yet works so much better than the ones I've bought. It's just sick. Oh yeah go to VG Cats and vote for them on the TWC cuz I think Scott Ramsoomair is the greatest.

I'm sweepy,

Snafu Avatar I Just Realised

3:22 AM Tuesday, December 10, 2002
I just realised that there isn't a direct link to Dragon Clan or even a mention of their site even after they gave me a guest comic. So yeah if you want to see more of Master Night Blade's work go to Dragon Clan Comics! Or you could have gotten that link through the link section but now it's a bit easier.

Snafu Avatar Sprite-tastic!

1:18 AM Tuesday, December 10, 2002
Wow the first Snafu Sprite guest comic ever. Sprite comic authors so need more credit. Master Night Blade even taught me how to work Photoshop. That was nice of him. My only regret is that he was subject to use my awful sprites I made back in the day. I canít make sprites for shit what can I say? Thanks for the comic Night Blade.


Snafu Avatar Long Assed Rant

2:42 AM Monday, December 9, 2002
This is a Guest comic for my pal Halo over at 4 In The Morning Comics. This is the last comic I did entirely with Photoshop. Iím still trying to figure out a good pen to hand draw the comics with hopefully Iíll have something picked out by Wednesdayís comic.

Guest Comic Tomorrow so come check that out. In fact I have a guest comic for the next three weeks solid. So comics everyday!

I have to give a shout out to the accomplishments of Alex from Sara & David and the dudes over at The-Misc for winning their awards at the Web Comic Choice Awards. Good job guys.

My birthday was way better than I thought it would be. I woke up basically miserable. I drove home and then basically just slept. Then my friends all came over. It was one of the bestest things ever. I played Ping Pong, some Simpsonís Road Rage, Mortal Kombat Deadly Alliance, then we watched Reign of Fire. Afterwards we just all talked about how scary The Ring was and yeah great fun. Then I got the coolest Coca Cola bear along with McDonaldís gift certificates from my friends. Needless to say I will be eating Flavor Bursts until my teeth rot. Itís the right thing to do.

I have a new sketch in the Art section. Itís a drawing of one of the coolest toys ever a Spawn Dark Ages super dooper neat-o-rific toy.

Speaking of that toy it was given to me by my good friend Chern for my birthday. I love you Chern, youíre the best and then some. By the way if you want to see the actual Toy check out my Web Cam (in the Other section) it has a pic of this legendary molded hunk of plastic.

Then the next day I went to a party with my friend Alisha aka The Bomb. It was the most amazing amount of food ever. There were two kinds of shrimp, prime rib, chicken skewers, cheese balls, limitless amounts of pop, every kind of pie and cheese cake imaginable, deserts stuff Iíve never even seen before and yeah it was awesome. I had so much fun.

I have the worst finals ever todayÖ I should be studying but I figure fuck it. So yeah this whole week I should be either A) crying, B) wanting to cry C) in the process of starting to cry D) tearing up E) killing myself.

On a side not Abs from Ctrl+Alt+Del is one of the coolest/nicest guys ever.

I really have to thank you guys for voting on the Funny Pages over the weekend. I didnít think I would get a response quite like this. I really really appreciate it. I mean I know voting on the Funny Pages isnít the most pleasant thing in the world but yeah thanks.

Thanks to the Web Comic Choice Awards Iíll have a bunch of Snafu Cameo Comics to post up fairly soon (give it a week Iím busy.) So yeah that might be cool.

A few of you have been saying youíve missed the Snafu Vote banners. So I should also post a page with all of them on their so you can see them as wellÖ give that a week or so as well.

Oh yeah and I played some mad Bloody Roar 3 over the weekend. I had no clue this was such an awesome game. Same with Mortal Kombat: Deadly Alliance. MK is worth it right away simply for the opening movie. Hot damn. Both game surprised me in their greatness since Iím usually a 2D fighter purist but these are really fun 3D fighting games to say the least.

Three New Links today, The Humor Effect is a Sprite Comic about two guys and yeah just read it. Dragon Clan Comics which is a collection of Sprite Comics done by different authors in the clan, Then Hardcore Empire which is a hand drawn comic which involves Napalm. So yeah go check em out itís good for yah.

I hate finals,

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