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Snafu Avatar Long Assed Rant

2:42 AM Monday, December 9, 2002
This is a Guest comic for my pal Halo over at 4 In The Morning Comics. This is the last comic I did entirely with Photoshop. Iím still trying to figure out a good pen to hand draw the comics with hopefully Iíll have something picked out by Wednesdayís comic.

Guest Comic Tomorrow so come check that out. In fact I have a guest comic for the next three weeks solid. So comics everyday!

I have to give a shout out to the accomplishments of Alex from Sara & David and the dudes over at The-Misc for winning their awards at the Web Comic Choice Awards. Good job guys.

My birthday was way better than I thought it would be. I woke up basically miserable. I drove home and then basically just slept. Then my friends all came over. It was one of the bestest things ever. I played Ping Pong, some Simpsonís Road Rage, Mortal Kombat Deadly Alliance, then we watched Reign of Fire. Afterwards we just all talked about how scary The Ring was and yeah great fun. Then I got the coolest Coca Cola bear along with McDonaldís gift certificates from my friends. Needless to say I will be eating Flavor Bursts until my teeth rot. Itís the right thing to do.

I have a new sketch in the Art section. Itís a drawing of one of the coolest toys ever a Spawn Dark Ages super dooper neat-o-rific toy.

Speaking of that toy it was given to me by my good friend Chern for my birthday. I love you Chern, youíre the best and then some. By the way if you want to see the actual Toy check out my Web Cam (in the Other section) it has a pic of this legendary molded hunk of plastic.

Then the next day I went to a party with my friend Alisha aka The Bomb. It was the most amazing amount of food ever. There were two kinds of shrimp, prime rib, chicken skewers, cheese balls, limitless amounts of pop, every kind of pie and cheese cake imaginable, deserts stuff Iíve never even seen before and yeah it was awesome. I had so much fun.

I have the worst finals ever todayÖ I should be studying but I figure fuck it. So yeah this whole week I should be either A) crying, B) wanting to cry C) in the process of starting to cry D) tearing up E) killing myself.

On a side not Abs from Ctrl+Alt+Del is one of the coolest/nicest guys ever.

I really have to thank you guys for voting on the Funny Pages over the weekend. I didnít think I would get a response quite like this. I really really appreciate it. I mean I know voting on the Funny Pages isnít the most pleasant thing in the world but yeah thanks.

Thanks to the Web Comic Choice Awards Iíll have a bunch of Snafu Cameo Comics to post up fairly soon (give it a week Iím busy.) So yeah that might be cool.

A few of you have been saying youíve missed the Snafu Vote banners. So I should also post a page with all of them on their so you can see them as wellÖ give that a week or so as well.

Oh yeah and I played some mad Bloody Roar 3 over the weekend. I had no clue this was such an awesome game. Same with Mortal Kombat: Deadly Alliance. MK is worth it right away simply for the opening movie. Hot damn. Both game surprised me in their greatness since Iím usually a 2D fighter purist but these are really fun 3D fighting games to say the least.

Three New Links today, The Humor Effect is a Sprite Comic about two guys and yeah just read it. Dragon Clan Comics which is a collection of Sprite Comics done by different authors in the clan, Then Hardcore Empire which is a hand drawn comic which involves Napalm. So yeah go check em out itís good for yah.

I hate finals,

Snafu Avatar You Don't Have To Type

3:00 AM Friday, December 6, 2002
This was just brought to my attention. You DON'T have to type anything on the Funny Pages for the review thing. You can just skip it and I would (and did). So yeah just vote screw the rest like Wildcard's mother.


Snafu Avatar Funny Pages

2:00 AM Friday, December 6, 2002
Well I've decided to join a different list than Top Web Comics for awhile. I went with the Funny Pages cuz well it was the first one I saw... Yeah real selectiveness on my part there. But yeah I'm starting 6 days into the month so I'm already behind because of that respect. So if you people would be ever so nice as to send a few Funny Pages votes my way that would be WAY appreciated. Oh and if your die hard TWC I'll still have one button for TWC in the Link section just to keep it active. So yeah I haven't vote whored at all for a long long long time plus it's my birthday so yeah a few votes would help out Snafu big time now. I'd really appreciate it guys.


Snafu Avatar Careful I'm Brittle

1:00 AM Friday, December 6, 2002
Well itís my birthday and as far as I can tell Iím going through my second mid life crisis. The first one being last year on my birthday. But this one is the big one. I just lost my oh so precious teenage statusÖ oh hell. Iím too old. Put me out with the rest of the geezers. Iím ready to have the oxygen tank. Better start practicing on my old man language. You damn kids and your fancy socks. We never had socks in my day. No we had to gnaw the paws off of our pets and hollow them out to use as flesh bags for feet protection. Damned kids. Iím going to cry.


Snafu Avatar It's To True

10:59 AM Thursday, December 5, 2002
Well once again the guest comic maker didn't want to say anything. This is becoming quite the trend as of late.

On the off chance that I actually do get a tan this is the exact form it comes in. I figure any second the chics should be flocking to me. Any second now... Should be here soon... I'll just open the door so they can get in easier... hmmmm the womens must have missed the memo or something. Thanks for the guest comic P4IN7 B4LLS.


Snafu Avatar Artist Wanted and Sniper Game

7:22 PM Wednesday, December 4, 2002
Since Wildcard and DJ don't post as much as I would like them to I'm going to announce some of their shit. For one DJ's strip he mentioned above is kick ass and you should go check it out. Two The-Misc is looking for a new artist to help with a brand new comic they've got in the works, Who's Your Diety. go to The-Misc for more info while your checking out DJ's strip.

Now Wildcard made a way cool Sniper game over at This Comic Sucks. I told the kid to pimp his shooting game but alas I'm doing it. Go shoot some dude in the head for me. Then when you get done splattering their brains on the back wall say "with love from Dave." It's good for you.

shoot em up,

Snafu Avatar Oh And Sorry Vis

3:08 AM Wednesday, December 4, 2002
Oh and sorry Vis for eating one of you main characters. If it helps I would like to eat the rest of you characters as well. I'm sure they're all equally delicious.


Snafu Avatar Smile!

3:05 AM Wednesday, December 4, 2002
If you donít get todayís comic itís because you havenít been reading Smileville. I did this guest comic A) cuz Vis has been making me some kick ass Guest comics B) Smileville is neato and C) cuz Vis is my friend. So yeah. Iím experimenting with hand drawing the comics. The lines arenít quite as smooth as before and I think the problem is the marker Iím using. Itís literally that a big fatty marker. So yeah maybe if I can get a hold of some decent pens maybe it will help (any suggestions people?) But donít expect improvements anytime soon Iíve already made two more with the fatty marker cuz it was SOOOOoooooo easy. It just makes me sad cuz the original drawings are so much more detailedÖ sigh fatty markerÖ

There will be a guest comic tomorrow so come back and give her a looksie.

Umm I still need to get that Webcomic Choice Awards permanent link up. Maybe tomorrowÖ

Iím also trying to figure out a new list of comics to join much like Top Web Comics but not. I dunno I wanna try something new.

Lots of finals and tests this week and next week so yeah gotta go.

Getting overwhelmed here,

Snafu Avatar Webcomic Awards

7:52 PM Monday, December 2, 2002
I totally forgot about this. I was supposed to put this link up yesterday but meh forgot. I did ask for a reminder e-mail so I'm not totally to blame... yes I am. But yeah Snafu got nominated for Webcomic Choice Awards. I'll have a better link to it later today but that will have to do for now. Snafu was nominated for Best Comic, Best Hand drawn comic, Best Mouse Drawn comic, Best Male Character, Best Drawn/looking comic any style, and Most original Name. Well good luck to Snafu and yeah.


Snafu Avatar K This Time I'm Serious

3:45 PM Monday, December 2, 2002
Alrighty I have the Web Cam pic up finally. Right after I got done posting last night I turned off my computer and thought "Damn I forgot to upload the picture... screw it." So yeah I woke up took a bunch of Tests and this was the first chance I got to fix my mistake. So now the new picture is up for real. It's a really bad picture and you can see a hand blur in the bottom left corner since I STILL haven't figured out how to set the timer on my camera but meh it's up.

Took the picture,

Snafu Avatar I Love VG Cats!!!

3:10 AM Monday, December 2, 2002
Scott didnít want to say anything so you just get my ramblings.

This is a guest comic made by Scott from VG Cats. If you havenít already read through the entire VG Cats archive your letting the terrorists win. Scott is a genuine nice guy and a kick ass artist. Heís basically my comic making hero and then some. Go vote for VG Cats on Top Web Comics. In fact DONíT vote for Snafu this entire month just click the vote banner at VG Cats. Itís better that way.

I should have a new Web Cam picture by the time you people read this so maybe you might want to check that out. The Other Section is the easiest way to get to that. Itís should basically be a mug shot of me and my newest speeding ticket. Blah. Stupid undercover cop bastard cop thing. Actually Iím not mad about the ticket at all. The cop clocked me at 93 mph which very easily could have been 100 mph and then he only wrote me up for 80 mph so I feel like I got away with 20 mph. not to shabby. I still think that there should be a law that unmarked cop cars shouldnít be able to pull me over. Itís practically cheating to not be in a cop car.

Thanksgiving break kicked ass on so many levels. This is the first time since High School I actually felt like I was in High School again. All my old friends were down and I played from the second I got up in the morning until I couldnít move anymore at night. Absolute blast. Risk is such a kick ass game. For the first time in my life I actually won the game. I always take second but this weekend I started out with a 3rd place (boo) but then I went up to 1st place (woo) next time so I still hold a 2nd place average I guess. Then video game playing has been good to me. I finished up Mario RPG way good game. Then Sega Smash Pack rules my world. Dreamcast in general was so so so fun to go back to. Why did I ever leave this system behind? I bought five new games for the Dreamcast Friday. But one of the games had the wrong sticker on it so Electronics Boutique charged me more saying it was NBA 2K and then the bastards didnít even put the game in the CD case. Iím so mad. Iím having a friend go and get my money and game that they owe me Tuesday since Iím not anywhere near there anymore. Oh and best part about coming home. Krispy Kreame. Oh how Iíve missed you.

I watched Treasure Planet (good movie by the way) and Ice Age. Has anyone else noticed that computer animated movies have the exact same two characters as the stars every time? I mean Ice Age youíve got the strong silent type (the Mammoth) and then the crazy lil guy ( The Sloth), Shrek has Shrek as the strong silent type and the Donkey as the lil crazy dude. Then Monsters Inc Same thing Crazy one eyeball dude and big strong blue guy. Would it kill these people to NOT pair up the heroís like this? I guess it doesnít matter if they just changed the title I would go to these movies every single time.

Time to Take a Picture,

Snafu Avatar Well I'm Definately Surprised

8:31 PM Sunday, December 1, 2002
Well it's an appropriate title. Very nice sir DJ. Wayne that sucks you had to work on "that day" blah.

Snafu Avatar Filleriffic

4:03 AM Friday, November 29, 2002
Well basically this fillerÖerrÖ I mean comic was made because I was trying out some new hair styles and uhhh well umm then I uhÖ well hell itís Thanksgiving and I wanted to play Dreamcast. Iíll make it up to you Monday with the funniest comic EVER. Oh hell no I didnít make it. Itís WAY to good for that. So yeah Monday all will be well with the world.

Treasure Planet Rocks. I still wish they would have just called it Skies of Arcadia planet. It would have made more sense to me.

Iíve beat Sonic 1, Bangai-O, and nearly beaten Paper Mario today. All these games should have been conquered a long long long time ago and now I finally had the chance. Simpsonís Road Rage 2 player rules the hiz house. Risk is one of the best board games ever and my nephew can skateboard now. When the hell did that happen? Oh and cranium the board game deserves honorable mention as well.

Tomorrow (today) I should be summer job hunting. I plan to apply to every store that sells videogames, toys, comics, or little plastic pieces of fruit in the western hemisphere. The fact that it just happens to be the day after thanksgiving during the biggest sales of the year makes this LESS than the perfect timing but when have I ever had perfect timing?

Oh and DJ could you upload the title as... umm... well... hell surprise me.

The one who fills,

Snafu Avatar Saved Again

3:04 PM Wednesday, November 27, 2002
DJ you save my butt so much. Thanks man.

Snafu Avatar Title

1:45 AM Wednesday, November 27, 2002
seems I'm also having problems with putting the title up from here. Meh not a big deal just letting you people know I didn't just entirely forget about it. I'll fix it when I get back to school Sunday.

Snafu Avatar Something Went Wrong

1:21 AM Wednesday, November 27, 2002
K I'm at my home home right now so I had the great idea of e-mailing me my own comic so could update from this computer. Well something went wrong and the picture quality basically went down to zero. Especially the red color. Oh and this comic is also an experiment. It's the most hand drawn comic on the site. I did the thing it pen then I added red and some shading with photoshop. So yeah ever line on there was done by yours truely the old fashioned way. I'm impressed I did as well as I did considering it's pen and well mistakes aren't aloud. I totally don't get how other comic people make their comics. To me drawing it like this in pen didn't help at ALL I'm much better off drawing sketches and looking off them as I make the whole thing on Photoshop. am I missing something? I also think maybe an all pencil comic might be neat. We'll see. Oh and this comic is two thirds what it should be. I originally had a third frame with an Shinobi reference but at the last second (five mintues ago) I decided screw it. I liked how Shinobi looked but it just wasn't a nessicary or even good addition to the overall strip. Maybe in another comic.

Full props goes To Ethran/Can'o Ninja repelant for the idea. Thanks for letting me use your name Ethran.

I'm not totally convinced that Satan is living on this planet in the form of Cameron's snake. I watched Cam's snake eat a mouse yesterday. It was pure evil. PURE EVIL. and so cool to watch. Ironically the snake's name is Lucifer.

Well Happy Thanksgiving to everyone and what not.

Gobble gobble,

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